The week in review

The Book of Summer came out this week! It was otherwise uneventful.

I finished A Separation, which turned out to be a real slog. There is lots happening in this book, and it's fairly short, so its issues are 100% the writing style. A very very tedious writing style.

The Big Love turned out to be something of a palate cleanser. As I've mentioned, I am newly infatuated with Sarah Dunn, so I want to get caught up on her work. This is pretty light and somewhat forgettable, but very funny....

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You shred it, wheat!

2 question pop quiz:

1. What are my two favorite things?

2. What comes out today?


1. Books and summer.

2. The Book of Summer!

I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of this, and it is killer. This has pretty much everything I look for in a novel. Great writing, beautiful setting, snappy dialogue, and unforgettable characters. Just thinking about Topper and Hattie is putting a smile on my face right now. I always love it when historical fiction bounces back and...

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Quick takes- January 2017

Something Borrowed. 1 star. I usually like this author, but "It's ok to have an affair with your best friend's fiancee as long as she's kind of a bitch," is not a great concept to build your story on.

The Couple Next Door. Very generous 3 stars. So over the top, goofy thriller, where every possible twist happens. This needed a few red herrings.

Behold the Dreamers. 4 stars. Can't believe this was a debut. Totally worth the hype.

Truth and Beauty. 3 stars. I don't usually like...

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The week in review

Oh, this week. I'll just say I'm glad this blog is mostly about books because The Other Stuff is kind of out to get me this week. But I got some decent reading in, so let's get to it.

The Two-Family House. Jeez. This is one of those books where I'm double checking about halfway through to see, is this really that book that everyone's raving about? I'm baffled by the high ratings on this one. Really flat writing, and a melodramatic plot that does not know where it's going. I'm clearly in...

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