You don’t get it when there’s nothing to get

I was 21 when I first read Nude Men, and it became an instant favorite. I was curious and mildly apprehensive about revisiting it. For one thing, I've never liked a single thing Amanda Filipacchi has written since then, and I've read it all, based solely on the strength of Nude Men. And for another, I was 21 a really really long time ago.*

So, does it hold up? Eh, kind of. There is a recurring theme about optical illusions, which is fitting, because this book straddles a whole...

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You know who you are

A week after finishing Truth and Beauty, I'm still mulling it over. Something about this book really brought me down; I mean, other than the fact that it's a really depressing memoir about someone plagued by terrible health problems for most of her life until eventually dying of a heroin overdose. What also saddens me about this is that it's a story of this very important, decades-long friendship between two women who barely seem to like each other. They have so much animosity and...

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Which one do you see?


All Is Not Forgotten is an extremely problematic "thriller" about a teenage girl and her family dealing with the aftermath of a brutal assault at a party. Sadly, this isn't the more desirable "boy she liked got carried away" kind of rape, this a violent attack by a stranger. You know, real rape. The book doesn't come straight out and say it but gets as close as possible. This book has a strong case of Madonna-whore complex, so much so that one character is frequently referred to as Good...

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