May this be the last Best of 2017 list you read this year

Took me a while to get to this, but here are my favorites that I read last year.

Super top favorites:

All Grown Up. My absolute favorite of the year. The only book I actually bought a copy of, mostly because she was here on my birthday and you can't ask someone to autograph a library book.

Jillian. This one has an easy litmus test. Do you think someone saying she wants to hysterectomize herself and throw her uterus against the wall is funny? I do too and that's...

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You shred it, wheat!

2 question pop quiz:

1. What are my two favorite things?

2. What comes out today?


1. Books and summer.

2. The Book of Summer!

I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of this, and it is killer. This has pretty much everything I look for in a novel. Great writing, beautiful setting, snappy dialogue, and unforgettable characters. Just thinking about Topper and Hattie is putting a smile on my face right now. I always love it when historical fiction bounces back and...

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Quick takes- April 2017

A Gentleman in Moscow. 5 stars. Utterly charming historical fiction. The main character made me think of Ralph Fiennes saying, "Would that it were so simple," in Hail Caesar. If you saw that movie, then you know how charming this character is.

Homesick for Another World. 5 stars. Really great short story collection. This author likes it dark and is unapologetic and I love her for it.

The Sellout. 3 stars. I kept with this even though I hated the writing style. It was like listening to...

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When it’s time to change, you’ve got to rearrange…

"Marriage doesn't hurt the cuddling or even change the sex all that much, but it does do something very bad to kissing."

I could pick about 52 million relevant quotes from Sarah Dunn's amazing novel, The Arrangement, but I think this one sums it up best. I was not prepared for how funny and how deep and how thought provoking and how meaningful and how poignant this was going to be. This is a story about a couple, Owen and Lucy, who, after many years and one child...

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The week in review

I was kind of a reading machine this week. I'm on the countdown to summer!

I finished Allegedly over the weekend, and had the exact opposite experience as everyone else I know who's read it. I was pretty much hating it the entire time, and then that ending, the ending that I'd heard ruins the whole thing, turned it around for me. It was so camp! Unless it was supposed to be Very Serious, in which case, yeah the ending ruins it. But I think if you go into it feeling a Lifetime movie vibe,...

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Kill your darlings

I try so hard to manage my library holds, but once again, a ton of hot ones came up at once, and I'm having that can't-read-them-all-can't-renew-them reader panic. Here are the contestants in the "which one will be returned unread?" sweepstakes. ( Jessica)

Our Short History- This author is very hit or miss for me, but I'm weirdly drawn to her. Looks like just the kind of thing I love to read. I only have it for ten more days, and there are some other ones I...

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