Bigger than the Beatles

As I have said before, one of the things I like most about baking is that it happens for a reason. Usually a fun, social, celebratory reason. Or sometimes it's because I like cookies. And as I have also said before, zebra cake is not actually baking, unless you want to do the cookie part from scratch. But either way, you end up with a delicious cake in front of you, which is no time to split hairs. So, to celebrate the sacred holiday of Watching Jesus Christ Superstar At A Friend's House, I...

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This one goes to eleven

Fall of 2016, when we were immersed in the series, the kids asked a babysitter if she'd ever read Harry Potter. She told them she grew up on it, and then she said, "I was so disappointed when I turned 11 and I didn't get my letter." And right there, she gave me just about the best idea I've ever had, to be followed up on 18 months later. Thanks, Darcy!

Fast forward to this past week. Two days before Lucy's birthday, I made a cake and decorated it to look like an owl. I did this right in...

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Short and sweet like PB

I had to got to do a lot of mothering this Mother's Day weekend. So much, that I did no running and barely any reading. I did make a killer dessert though, and while this isn't actually baking, when you have this peanut butter mousse in front of you, it is not the time to split hairs.

I've used this recipe a bunch of times, but I've never actually made it exactly as it's written. I always use cream cheese (either soy or...

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Baker’s dozen

I may have mentioned it was my birthday last week, and unlike normal adults some people, I like a big fuss on my birthday. I did a lot of socializing and celebrating and baking over the past week. If I'm remembering everything, there were s'mores bars, brownies, peanut butter cookies, caramel oreo pie, peanut butter mousse, chocolate cake, four different zebra cakes, and some chocolate storm troopers, just for fun.

That sounds like a lot...

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My favorite origin story

I don't have to have a reason to bake a cake, but today I have a really good one. We are celebrating TEN YEARS of Lucy today!

Maybe I'm supposed to say I can't believe it's been ten years, it feels like she was just born, where did the time go and all that, but, IDK, I can believe it, it does feel like ten years. It kind of feels like forever. (I mean, we still had jobs, hope, and cash back then.)* We've had our share of adventures this past decade, more highs than lows,...

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With some luck and love life’s gonna be so sweet

I was making a bunch of desserts recently, and I wondered why it is that I hate to cook but love to bake, when it's just as much work, if not more. I didn't wonder very long though because the answer was obvious. Duh, desserts are delicious. Kidding, sort of, because I suppose there are some savory items that are also delicious, although the only one that comes to mind is a tuna melt. The actual answer is that cooking is obligatory, baking is celebratory. I mean, sometimes I'm just...

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I’m so glad they invented the word muffin so we can eat cake for lunch

banana muffins

It's January and I am just over everything. First of all, it's not Christmas, but it's still cold. Like what is that even about? I'm over cold weather after about five minutes so that one might not really count. I am definitely over these damn plantar warts which still show no sign of leaving. Take a hint guys, nobody wants you here. And even though we're not even halfway through the school year, I am So. Over. Lunches.

Are we sure they need lunch every single day? I'm kidding.* It's just...

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The particular sadness of Warriors cake

warriors cake

Tuesday morning, five days before Christmas, about five million things on my to-do list. (Or maybe it was 52 million.) I was in total mom martyr mode, my stupid warts were hurting me so much, and I had made three separate trips to the hardware store, searching in vain for the right light bulbs for a hard to reach light fixture in the house. (The guy in the hardware store told me if I got the wrong kind, the light would explode, so that was comforting.) The light thing had really sent me over...

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It’s the most @#$%! time of the year


I think I made it to the summit of my annual Christmas frenzy nervous breakdown and am making my way back down to earth. Every year I tend to go a little overboard, and make myself crazy, and probably make it all a lot harder than it needs to be. And every year I hit a wall and ask myself why I'm even bothering and swearing that next year everyone's just getting giftcards. And then I get a second wind and remember that I do it because I love it, so I push through and do my best to make...

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Halfway between Cakewrecks and Pinterest

Dash's cake

My little turkey turned six years old on Thanksgiving this year. A friend hosted a feast and it was fantastic. The collaborative menu was definitely the way to go; it felt like everyone made things they like to make so there wasn't as much obligation cooking happening. I don't eat meat or potatoes so if I ever had to make a Thanksgiving dinner I can guarantee it would be terrible. No surprise, I made some desserts:

Since it was his birthday, I also made Dash his own personal zebra...

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