The week in review-the morning after

I almost managed to get the weekly recap in last night, but my laptop wasn't charged, and the charger was all the way downstairs. You can see the bind I was in.

Reminder to those who weren't lucky enough to get an ARC, now you can finally get The Summer I Met Jack by the fabulous Michelle Gable. This is going to be the love-read of the summer.

Woman Last Seen In Her Thirties turned out to be such a dud. I am always up for this kind of novel: woman of a certain age, divorce, identity...

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May this be the last Best of 2017 list you read this year

Took me a while to get to this, but here are my favorites that I read last year.

Super top favorites:

All Grown Up. My absolute favorite of the year. The only book I actually bought a copy of, mostly because she was here on my birthday and you can't ask someone to autograph a library book.

Jillian. This one has an easy litmus test. Do you think someone saying she wants to hysterectomize herself and throw her uterus against the wall is funny? I do too and that's...

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Quick takes- December 2017

I was working on a year-end roundup, and realized I never did the month-end roundup. Whoops.

Stephen Florida. 1 star. This was like reading about the asshole borderline-stalker jock who lived across the hall from me in college. Is that a good thing? No, it is not.

The Changeling. 2 stars. I'm surprised at how dull this was more than anything. There is a lot of story, and fantastical elements, so I'm not sure what went wrong here.

The Heart's Invisible Furies. 4 stars. This is good...

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The week in review

In non-book news, we saw The Disaster Artist this week and it was amazing.

You know what was not amazing? Stephen Florida. I had a lot of questions about this book. Questions like, "Why do people like this?" and "Why am I reading this?" and "How do I get those hours of my life back?" I don't want to just say that I hated this main character, because I certainly don't believe that a main character has to be likable, or even un-hateable. But he should at least be interesting or compelling...

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