Quick takes- November 2017

A Horse Walks into a Bar.  3 stars.  One night of a standup comic working through his demons onstage. In better hands, this could have been phenomenal, but it was just okay.

When Watched.  5 stars.  Killer short story collection. I'm in love with the writing and the characters. I think I could read anything she ever wants to write.

Seven Days of Us.  3 stars.  Love the premise, but gets too dramatic, then wraps up too neatly. Still a decent vacation/holiday light read.


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The two weeks in review

I was too busy having an innocent time buying skirts in Portland last week, so here's two weeks in one.

Wow, The Idiot. That feels like a long time ago. It felt like a long time when I was reading it too. There is good writing here, but there is no reason for this to be 400+ pages. Nothing happens in this book. Seriously, I would have a hard time even answering if somebody asked me what it was about. So please don't ask me. I won't completely write off this author, but her next one will...

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The week in review

We had gorgeous weather for Halloween and today it snowed. Wtf, Seattle? I'm not even supposed to be here today.

Chemistry started out great and stayed great. I always find it the hardest to sum up this type of short perfect little book, and I feel like a 9th grader who hasn't actually read the assignment, like, "It was...really...good." But it was! This did a great job of capturing how difficult and confusing being in your 20s can be. I feel crazy old lately but I wouldn't go back to any...

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But I’ve got everything now

I did pretty well at keeping my holds organized for a while, but lately I let them all go wacky, and boom, I have a million books out at once. I already returned the ones with the longest waiting lists but my cups are still runnething over or something, so let's see what's on deck and play another round of "Which of you will be returned unread?" Jessica.

Sourdough- I already started this, and it's short, so I'll definitely finish it. I'm already wishing it was...

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