Quick takes- November 2016

The Last Girls. 3 stars. Perfectly good concept, fair execution. Could have been much better. Should have been, actually.

Homegoing. 5 stars. Excellent, perfect book. Definitely in my top ten for the year.

The Handmaid's Tale. 4 stars, sort of. Didn't exactly love it but it's a must read nonetheless.

Emmy & Oliver. 3 stars. So-so young adult story, not really my thing, a little too teen soap opera for me.

Life After Life. 4 stars. Is mostly so good but, god, what is with that...

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The Week In Review

Looks like I picked the right week to finish The Handmaid's Tale. I don't know how much more there is to say about it. I didn't love it, don't like her writing at all, but I feel the story and the message matter more than the execution here. I'm trying to revisit an old favorite every month to see how it holds up, and this seemed the clear choice for right now. While it definitely deserves its status as a modern day classic, I'll probably never read her again.

Not sure why I didn't read...

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It may not be great but read it anyway

Oh how I wish I could go back in time right now and make my 14 year old self write a book report on The Handmaid's Tale. I remember that I got it as a birthday gift and that I loved it and that I stayed up very late finishing it, but other than the basic gist of the story, my memories end there. But what did it mean to me way back then? Did it all seem like a far fetched fantasy? Or could I possibly have already been worn out by man's relentless need to control women's bodies? If so, I...

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The week in review

Finishing what I started last week, The Girl in the Red Coat quickly lost steam after an okay start. I trudged through it because it was fairly short, and I really hate not finishing something, but I could have put it down at any time. It was very dull and I had no doubt about how it would end. It's not offensive or terrible or anything but it would be hard for me to come up with anything I really liked about it.

The Last Girls really seemed like something I would love. A group of women...

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