May this be the last Best of 2017 list you read this year

Took me a while to get to this, but here are my favorites that I read last year.

Super top favorites:

All Grown Up. My absolute favorite of the year. The only book I actually bought a copy of, mostly because she was here on my birthday and you can't ask someone to autograph a library book.

Jillian. This one has an easy litmus test. Do you think someone saying she wants to hysterectomize herself and throw her uterus against the wall is funny? I do too and that's...

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Quick takes- March 2017

Forever, Interrupted. 3 stars. I love this author and am very excited for her next book, but this one didn't do it for me. Very very unlikable main character, and not in an interesting way.

The Weight of Him. 2 stars. A big disappointment. Again, hated the main character. It felt extremely and formulaic.

A Doubter's Almanac. 2 stars. The moral of this story is: Smart white men are very very important. In case you haven't ever heard that before.

All Grown Up. 5 stars. I think I may...

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The week in review

Very very busy week, where I turned 45, did a quick trip to Portland, and I got to meet Jami Attenberg! Most of my reading was on the disappointing side but who cares, did I mention I met Jami Attenberg??

I finished The Life-Writer and it did not get better. I feel like I knew right away that I wasn't into it, so it's kind of on me and my stubbornness. I do not like to quit. I just found this very uninteresting and tedious and I felt like I was stuck in the main...

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Through the looking glass

"They tell you that you grow up, you get a job, you fall in love, you get married, you buy a home, you have children, you do all that, you get to be an adult. Like you want in this club? This is how you do it."

For better or for worse, these lines from All Grown Up describe the path I ended up taking in life, thus making me a full fledged, bona fide, 100% adult.

And still, I could completely relate to Andrea, this novel's awesome hilarious narrator, who didn't take that path, and...

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The week in review

This week was pretty uneventful, except that...

All Grown Up came out! I'd been eagerly anticipating this one for quite a while; I just knew I was going to love it, and I did. The writing is just so good, it's exactly the kind of thing I want to read all the time. There's this one scene where her character has lunch with her sister-in-law and I've been laughing about it all week. First, they're having a difficult talk about her struggles dealing with Medicaid, and she's...

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The week in review

This was an all around great week. The kids were really into the Oscars this year and Lucy turned 10 and I got lots of good reading in. What more could I ask for?

I finished up my reread of Eureka Street, and found, for the most part, that it does hold up. I've always been so glad that I happened on this one way back when, because it's pretty off the radar. I'm almost positive it was a staff pick at a local bookstore at the time, so, yay for staff picks! Very engaging novel about the life...

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TFW all the holds come up at once

I'm having that reader's panic thing, where even though I paused a bunch of my holds,  too many came up at once, and most of them have people waiting for them so they're not renewable, and I want to READ ALL THE THINGS, but I have to prioritize.

I may have to return one or two unread, but I'm not backing away from the challenge. Here's what's on deck and why:

Fractured. This seems like the kind of domestic drama/thriller that I always end up hating but can't seem to stay away...

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