What goes through my mind during a hot yoga class

I joined a hot yoga studio a year ago and this is all I do now.

Pranayama deep breathing 

Literally on the second breath: I can't do this I want to go home I just don't have it today.

Half moon pose

Is class over? This posture has been going on for like an hour.

Hands to feet pose

Oh man, I am really killing this one today. I think I have my legs all the way straight this time, I can feel it, they are a ruler! Glances...

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The week in remeow (I’m so sorry about that)

I was going to do my weekly recap early on Friday, but the day kind of got away from me, then the kids had their school play that night, then there was a little afterparty that went way longer than I'd expected. I got home super late, and it was either do the week in review or the Saturday crossword puzzle, and well, it's obvious what won. The app sends the puzzle the night before, and it tells you if you've filled it in correctly, so sometimes my dad texts me for help the next day, and I...

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This one goes to eleven

Fall of 2016, when we were immersed in the series, the kids asked a babysitter if she'd ever read Harry Potter. She told them she grew up on it, and then she said, "I was so disappointed when I turned 11 and I didn't get my letter." And right there, she gave me just about the best idea I've ever had, to be followed up on 18 months later. Thanks, Darcy!

Fast forward to this past week. Two days before Lucy's birthday, I made a cake and decorated it to look like an owl. I did this right in...

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You can always just leave if he’s making you uncomfortable*

February, 1992. I was 19, he was 32. We worked together and had been dating for about a month. I went to his place on a Friday night, we hung out for a while, hooked up, everything was fine and consensual, whatever. It was around 9 o'clock when I got my stuff together and said I was going home. That's when things took a weird turn.

"Why are you leaving so early?" he asked me. "Who are you going out with later?"

Huh? I wasn't going out with anyone later. I was just tired, and we both...

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Turn and face the strange

Early in 2016, my running pace suddenly got slower, and has only gotten worse since then. I tried not to be too hung up on it, but I did search for some tips on improving pace, and nothing really worked for me. I was plagued by plantar warts all year, so I figured the pain in my feet was causing the slowdown, and once I finally got rid of them, I'd get my pace back where I wanted it.

Those plantar warts stuck around for an awfully long time, but once they finally left in a blaze of...

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The weekend in review

Friday morning, I forgot to do my weekly recap here before we left for a super fun-filled weekend in Portland. (I blame Louis C. K. and I am not even kidding.) Anyhow, once we got there, I was going to borrow Rich's laptop and do it at the hotel, but who feels like blogging in a hotel room when Powell's is half a mile away? Not me, that's who. So then I figured I'd do it a day late, but the Portland Saturday Market was beckoning, and Quarterworld was beckoning, and Gravy was beckoning,...

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Hamster love story

What can you say about a 2 year old hamster who died? That she was cute and furry? That she loved corn, her wheel, and Lucy?

Poor Lucy was born into the wrong family when it comes to pets. She would own a zoo if it were up to her. Her ideal home would have seven cats, four dogs, three rats, and maybe a couple guinea pigs. Dash is skittish about most animals, and has always been especially scared of dogs. Rich likes dogs, but Dash's phobia gives me...

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Down the rabbit hole

I was getting gas the other day, when someone in a car next to me turned his head in an odd way, which made me think of an old Meat Cake comic, which made me think of the time Dame Darcy was on Blind Date, which made me wonder, "What is Roger Lodge up to these days?" (This is all a totally normal thought process.) The fact that I was able to get my idle curiosity satisfied in a matter of seconds is truly the greatest gift the Internet has given us. What a time to be alive.


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The wart in review

Today I saw Dr Foot for what I hope was the last time. My infection is completely cleared up, and it looks like the warts are all gone. He couldn't say that with 100% certainty, because there was still a little black speck, but he said that was probably just dead skin or some other gross thing. (I always want to ask, "Why feet?" but I can't think of a non-rude way to say it.) He said keep an eye on things for a month, and come in if anything acts up, but this was probably goodbye...

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My life as a brick joke

The year: 1998. The setting: Redmond, WA. I was working in the infant room of a daycare center, and we'd just gotten a new baby, Trevor. For the first week he was there, Trevor's mom kept asking me where she knew me from. I grew up in New Jersey and was still relatively new to the Northwest, and she didn't look familiar to me at all, but she was positive we'd met before. Finally, after several days of this, she asked me if I'd ever worked at Safeway, or if my sister worked at Safeway, or if...

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