May this be the last Best of 2017 list you read this year

Took me a while to get to this, but here are my favorites that I read last year.

Super top favorites:

All Grown Up. My absolute favorite of the year. The only book I actually bought a copy of, mostly because she was here on my birthday and you can't ask someone to autograph a library book.

Jillian. This one has an easy litmus test. Do you think someone saying she wants to hysterectomize herself and throw her uterus against the wall is funny? I do too and that's...

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Quick takes- October 2017

Sing Unburied Sing. 4 stars. Great writing, somewhat uneven. Maybe not completely memorable but solid lit.

Forest Dark. 3 stars. Hate to say it, but this was kind of a slog. Seems like it should have been a memoir- then I would never have read it.

Jillian. 5 stars. OMFG this was hilarious and I loved it. Has the "not for everyone" tag, but it very much was for me.

The Grip of It. 3 stars. Creepy and suspenseful, but it fizzled out bigtime at the end.

The Misfortune of Marion...

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Don’t say I didn’t warn you

I realized recently that putting the 'not for everyone' tag on a book review is essentially a guarantee that I will read it. (On the flip side, putting the 'written by Jonathan Franzen' tag guarantees I'll avoid it.) If there's a love it or hate it situation, I want a vote. And when I read the first line of the description of Jillian:

Megan, recently out of college and working a meaningless job as a gastroenterologist's secretary, openly hates all of her friends for being happy...

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The week in review

I feel like I slept about a total of three hours all week. It's only October and I'm already burned out on the school year.

But who cares about that, because The World of Tomorrow was so good! Such a satisfying ending. If I haven't convinced you to pick this one up by now, I don't know what more I can do. Instant favorite.

I thought I would maintain that momentum with Forest Dark. I'd been eagerly awaiting this for a long time, because I loved History of Love so much. (I never finished...

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