All train, no station

Who laughs when atheists make plans? Is it the one hand clapping guy? I hope he's laughing his hand off right now because I am registered for two marathons this spring, and I won't be able to do either of them.

Way back in October, I registered for the Whidbey Island Marathon, thinking I had all the time in the world to train for it. I try to stay in half marathon-ready condition all the time, so I look at marathon training as just three or four long runs spread out...

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This runner walked into a bar (because it was set so low)

I was so on the fence about whether to do the Mercer Island Half Marathon this year. It's usually hard for me to resist a half marathon, especially one that's local, in the spring, on pavement, and a loop, i.e., all my preferences. Plus this one is a fundraiser for colon cancer prevention, and as I've mentioned before, I am firmly anti-colon cancer. You'll never hear me say a nice thing about colon cancer, so don't even try.

Having said that, I still debated quite a bit about registering...

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The wart in review

Today I saw Dr Foot for what I hope was the last time. My infection is completely cleared up, and it looks like the warts are all gone. He couldn't say that with 100% certainty, because there was still a little black speck, but he said that was probably just dead skin or some other gross thing. (I always want to ask, "Why feet?" but I can't think of a non-rude way to say it.) He said keep an eye on things for a month, and come in if anything acts up, but this was probably goodbye...

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(Feels like) starting over

The Hot Chocolate 15k (2013) was the very first race I ever did, so it was a good way to get back into the swing of things this morning. My feet have not been bothering me at all, and I managed to get some decent running in over the last week. Still, my expectations were extremely low going in today. My stamina and pace have not been great lately, I haven't put in a lot of mileage this year, and this is a fairly challenging route. (Although by Seattle standards it's probably just average. We...

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The end of an era?

I went to see Dr Foot yesterday to follow up from that super fun staph infection I had last week. I've been following his instructions religiously and haven't had any pain on either foot for the last few days. I've done some walking and stationary bike at home since I've been feeling better, but I didn't want to run until I got the okay from him. He said both feet were looking much better, but because of scar tissue he couldn't be certain that either of the two remaining warts were...

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Beetlejuice 2, Veruca 1

golden ticket

Yet another development in the ongoing saga of my feet. Last week, Dr Foot said we were making good progress, with two warts almost completely gone, and one significantly reduced but still hanging in there. So we went for the third, and, I hoped, final round of Beetlejuice vs Veruca. That was on Tuesday, and as expected, I had some blistering pain for the next few days and then things started to feel better on Saturday. Yes! Heading down the home stretch!

Swerve! Sunday afternoon, we were...

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Update from last night's post:

Dr Foot said we are making "great progress." The little one on my right foot is gone, the one on my left is half the size it was last time, and the stubborn giant one that started it all on my right foot is significantly smaller, but clearly doing its best to hang in there. We really didn't even discuss options, just went right to the beetlejuice and made plans to come back in two weeks. So, a few more days of blistering fun in store for me and no running...

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Beetlejuice, beetlejuice…?

I'm going to see Dr Foot again tomorrow morning, and I'm keeping all fingers and all toes crossed. My feet feel fantastic; I've been prancing around barefoot on the wood floors, reveling in this feeling the way you breathe through your nose after you get over a cold. I'll never take this feeling for granted again. Seriously!

The last time I went, I was hoping he'd just say, "looks great, off you go," and I'd run right out of there on my pain-free feet. Nope! Instead, he recommended...

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Do you even run, bro?

I'm someone who loves routine, so, as lovely as the holidays were, I was pretty excited once school started up again. My running kind of took a nosedive in 2016 (an otherwise stellar year) and I want to leave the warts behind, get back on a training schedule, and kick some butt in 2017. It's ON!

I have the marathon to look forward to in June, plenty of time and motivation to train for it. Two weeks ago I saw a podiatrist for these damn warts. The kids had just gotten back in...

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I sure hope these plans aren’t thwarted

I had some grand ambitions way back in April of 2016, when I registered for the Tunnel Light Marathon. This is known to be a pretty fast course, so I figured it was my best shot at that sub-4 hour time that's eluded me so far. And since it's only five minutes faster, I had the top secret wish of coming in under 3:55 for a BQ. (PS I am old.) But, as they say, training is the opposite of wishing! *

So, not sure why this didn't occur to me ahead of time, but a September marathon...

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