Bigger than the Beatles

As I have said before, one of the things I like most about baking is that it happens for a reason. Usually a fun, social, celebratory reason. Or sometimes it's because I like cookies. And as I have also said before, zebra cake is not actually baking, unless you want to do the cookie part from scratch. But either way, you end up with a delicious cake in front of you, which is no time to split hairs. So, to celebrate the sacred holiday of Watching Jesus Christ Superstar At A Friend's House, I...

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All train, no station

Who laughs when atheists make plans? Is it the one hand clapping guy? I hope he's laughing his hand off right now because I am registered for two marathons this spring, and I won't be able to do either of them.

Way back in October, I registered for the Whidbey Island Marathon, thinking I had all the time in the world to train for it. I try to stay in half marathon-ready condition all the time, so I look at marathon training as just three or four long runs spread out...

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Baker’s dozen

I may have mentioned it was my birthday last week, and unlike normal adults some people, I like a big fuss on my birthday. I did a lot of socializing and celebrating and baking over the past week. If I'm remembering everything, there were s'mores bars, brownies, peanut butter cookies, caramel oreo pie, peanut butter mousse, chocolate cake, four different zebra cakes, and some chocolate storm troopers, just for fun.

That sounds like a lot...

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With some luck and love life’s gonna be so sweet

I was making a bunch of desserts recently, and I wondered why it is that I hate to cook but love to bake, when it's just as much work, if not more. I didn't wonder very long though because the answer was obvious. Duh, desserts are delicious. Kidding, sort of, because I suppose there are some savory items that are also delicious, although the only one that comes to mind is a tuna melt. The actual answer is that cooking is obligatory, baking is celebratory. I mean, sometimes I'm just...

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Technically, this isn’t baking

One of my only most fond memories of my stepmother is the zebra cake she made for every birthday. They were an annual treat for me growing up, but I've never encountered them anywhere else. So when I wanted to make some myself, I had to do some googling and I learned a couple things about zebra cakes. One, most people call them icebox cakes, and two, most people don't call them anything at all because it turns out, they are not the childhood staple I'd thought they were. Which is...

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