The week in remeow (I’m so sorry about that)

I was going to do my weekly recap early on Friday, but the day kind of got away from me, then the kids had their school play that night, then there was a little afterparty that went way longer than I'd expected. I got home super late, and it was either do the week in review or the Saturday crossword puzzle, and well, it's obvious what won. The app sends the puzzle the night before, and it tells you if you've filled it in correctly, so sometimes my dad texts me for help the next day, and I...

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This one goes to eleven

Fall of 2016, when we were immersed in the series, the kids asked a babysitter if she'd ever read Harry Potter. She told them she grew up on it, and then she said, "I was so disappointed when I turned 11 and I didn't get my letter." And right there, she gave me just about the best idea I've ever had, to be followed up on 18 months later. Thanks, Darcy!

Fast forward to this past week. Two days before Lucy's birthday, I made a cake and decorated it to look like an owl. I did this right in...

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Dear Raina

lucy new glasses

Lucy had a class assignment to write a letter to an author. She chose Raina Telgemeier. (Full disclosure: she would have chosen Erin Hunter but that's not an actual person.)

Dear Raina,

Of your books, I have read Sisters, Smile, Drama, Ghosts, and all of the Baby-Sitters Club books. I think my favorite one is Sisters. Which one is yours? What inspires you to write your books? Did any of the things in your books happen to you? I really like graphic novels because, unlike in other books...

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Lucy loves: Diary of a Wimpy Kid

They are really funny. I like to read them over and over again. He acts like his life is really boring but then all this funny stuff keeps happening. He's always trying to be more popular at school and he's absolutely obsessed with video games. In the books he's often trying to make money but he doesn't want to do any real work for it. It seems like a really good series for both kids and adults, because adults might like to see the craziest funniest things a kid might do, and kids...

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Lucy reads and runs

When Dash has soccer practice, mom and I bring books and camping chairs and just sit and read until he's done. We sit under the trees with our books.

Recently I ran cross country. It was really fun and this year I ran a whole mile. I had a friend who came in 12th place this year, and tied for 1st place last year!


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Lucy recommends: Warriors

There's this series I really like called Warriors. A lot of kids my age at school read them. It's about cats who live in clans and they hunt animals in the forest and have battles with other clans. There are four clans: Thunderclan, Riverclan, Shadowclan, and Windclan. My favorite is Shadowclan but I also like Thunderclan. What I really like about these books is it's not just made up where cats rule the world. It also has humans, dogs, foxes, etc. Humans are called two legs. When I found...

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