Pop culture megamix

Dash is living and breathing Dog Man 24 hours a day this summer. One thing he and Lucy like about it is how some of the titles are references to "real" books, so we came up with the "fun" idea of doing a Dog Man book club. We had lots of titles to pick from; Of Mice and Men and A Tale of Two Cities were top contenders, but since Dash is counting the days until Dog Man: Lord of the Fleas comes out, we decided to start there. So this became the summer I read Lord of the Flies to my 11 and 7...

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Halfway between Cakewrecks and Pinterest

Dash's cake

My little turkey turned six years old on Thanksgiving this year. A friend hosted a feast and it was fantastic. The collaborative menu was definitely the way to go; it felt like everyone made things they like to make so there wasn't as much obligation cooking happening. I don't eat meat or potatoes so if I ever had to make a Thanksgiving dinner I can guarantee it would be terrible. No surprise, I made some desserts:

Since it was his birthday, I also made Dash his own personal zebra...

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