What goes down must come up

Does your idea of a romantic weekend getaway include running 13.1 hilly miles in the wind? No? Are you, like, normal or something?

When I first registered for the Whidbey Island half marathon, I thought we'd make a little family trip out of it, but as it got closer we decided to leave the kids with friends and enjoy a rare weekend to ourselves. This involves a lot of orchestrating, which is why it was only the second time we've managed it in the ten years that we've...

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The week in review

Finishing what I started last week, The Girl in the Red Coat quickly lost steam after an okay start. I trudged through it because it was fairly short, and I really hate not finishing something, but I could have put it down at any time. It was very dull and I had no doubt about how it would end. It's not offensive or terrible or anything but it would be hard for me to come up with anything I really liked about it.

The Last Girls really seemed like something I would love. A group of women...

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