The week in review

Once again, I am looking over the last seven days and am surprised that it's only been a week. Time does not fly by for me, even though I do feel like I'm having fun. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I finished Was, and I just posted about it!  I love this book even if it meanders a little at the end. This is really interesting and entertaining, and holds a lot of sentimental value for me. True hidden gem here.

Next up was Marlena. This one might be a casualty of too much hype. I was really excited to...

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There’s no book like Was

"Dorothy," said Aunty Em. "Please come back. You were the light of my life. You were what kept me going all those years."

These lines, said by the "real" Aunty Em to depressed adolescent Dorothy in Geoffrey Ryman's captivating novel Was, kind of make me want to call my mom to apologize for the teen years. Now that I have a tween of my own, I have a better idea of how the pain of adolescence also affects the parents. It probably really sucks.

I loved Was when...

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Quick takes- April 2017

A Gentleman in Moscow. 5 stars. Utterly charming historical fiction. The main character made me think of Ralph Fiennes saying, "Would that it were so simple," in Hail Caesar. If you saw that movie, then you know how charming this character is.

Homesick for Another World. 5 stars. Really great short story collection. This author likes it dark and is unapologetic and I love her for it.

The Sellout. 3 stars. I kept with this even though I hated the writing style. It was like listening to...

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The week in review

This has been the longest week! I'm genuinely shocked to realize that Whidbey was only a few days ago. Time does not fly.

I finished Exit West very quickly. (Not bragging, it's a short and fast one.) This was a real little gem. I found it so incredibly moving and I am so glad I wasn't in a public place when I was getting toward the end. Kind of an out of nowhere ugly cry there. High recommend.

After that I moved on to All our Wrong Todays. This was pretty much Back to the Future meets...

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