What goes through my mind during a hot yoga class

I joined a hot yoga studio a year ago and this is all I do now.

Pranayama deep breathingĀ 

Literally on the second breath: I can't do this I want to go home I just don't have it today.

Half moon pose

Is class over? This posture has been going on for like an hour.

Hands to feet pose

Oh man, I am really killing this one today. I think I have my legs all the way straight this time, I can feel it, they are a ruler! Glances...

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Running wild in America’s hat

March 9, 2013, my first ever half marathon. I went into it saying I just wanted to finish, didn't care about the time, just doing this for fun, I'm breezy! And then I finished in 2:01:49, and boy did those 109 seconds do their best to show me how very not breezy I was. So two months later, we did a little family trip to Vancouver, where I ran the BMO half, with the express goal of finishing under 2 hours. First and last time I ever ran a race with a specific goal other than...

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Old favorite, new favorite

My favorite distance for a race is a half marathon, and my favorite half marathon is the Seattle half, so this Sunday was a pretty sweet day. I love this race because it's a beautiful, challenging course, and doing it in November almost guarantees bad weather here. You have to love running in Seattle to do this race, and it ends up having a very intimate, hometown feel. And being right after Thanksgiving and Dash's birthday is handy timing for me. A lot of indulging happened...

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Turn and face the strange

Early in 2016, my running pace suddenly got slower, and has only gotten worse since then. I tried not to be too hung up on it, but I did search for some tips on improving pace, and nothing really worked for me. I was plagued by plantar warts all year, so I figured the pain in my feet was causing the slowdown, and once I finally got rid of them, I'd get my pace back where I wanted it.

Those plantar warts stuck around for an awfully long time, but once they finally left in a blaze of...

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Slow and steady finishes the race

I didn't know anything at all about the Lake Washington Half Marathon going in. I'm on 52 million running email lists, so at some point I got something in my inbox about it, and it seemed like a good race to use as a warmup for the Seattle half at the end of the month. I almost ended up skipping it, because some friends had an opening on their Napa Ragnar team, but then that ended up not happening due to the wildfires, so I went back to my original plan of race on Saturday, Seahawks game on...

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The journey of 750 meters begins with one stroke

"It's not brave if you're not scared." Okay, but what if the thing you're scared of is a totally banal activity that most people can easily do, in fact even your six year old can do it, but you are just kind of an anxiety-ridden head case about it? Is it less brave to be scared of a non-scary thing? Or is it more brave if the non-scary thing completely scares the living daylights out of you but you do it anyway? If it's the latter, then I've been really fucking brave lately.

It's so...

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2 vans, 12 runners, 36 legs, 200 miles, zero infinity stones

Two years ago, I got in a van with six strangers. They drove me almost all the way to Canada, dropped me off in the middle of nowhere, and told me to run. It ended up being one of the best things I ever did, so...don't let that be a lesson to you. It almost never works out that way.

I was super excited going into my third Ragnar last weekend, even though my running hasn't been so great lately. I'm in a team with the most supportive, positive, fun group of women you could ever hope to...

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Prelude to a run

March 9, 2013, early on in my first ever half marathon, we passed a mile marker, and someone shouted, "Four! Who likes four? FOUR!!" While I always enjoy enthusiasm, I was thinking to myself, "We're only on mile 4?" We still had such a long way to go. Though I wasn't feeling it at the time, the joke's on me in end, because I've thought of that guy on just about every single long run I've done since then. I felt like I'd never be done, and now it's a long time ago. Well played, 'who likes...

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What goes down must come up

Does your idea of a romantic weekend getaway include running 13.1 hilly miles in the wind? No? Are you, like, normal or something?

When I first registered for the Whidbey Island half marathon, I thought we'd make a little family trip out of it, but as it got closer we decided to leave the kids with friends and enjoy a rare weekend to ourselves. This involves a lot of orchestrating, which is why it was only the second time we've managed it in the ten years that we've...

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All train, no station

Who laughs when atheists make plans? Is it the one hand clapping guy? I hope he's laughing his hand off right now because I am registered for two marathons this spring, and I won't be able to do either of them.

Way back in October, I registered for the Whidbey Island Marathon, thinking I had all the time in the world to train for it. I try to stay in half marathon-ready condition all the time, so I look at marathon training as just three or four long runs spread out...

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