All train, no station

Who laughs when atheists make plans? Is it the one hand clapping guy? I hope he's laughing his hand off right now because I am registered for two marathons this spring, and I won't be able to do either of them.

Way back in October, I registered for the Whidbey Island Marathon, thinking I had all the time in the world to train for it. I try to stay in half marathon-ready condition all the time, so I look at marathon training as just three or four long runs spread out...

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2:06 in the 206

The Seattle half is my favorite race, no question. So even though I had a monumentally busy week with the holiday and Dash's birthday, there was no way I was skipping it. My running kind of fell apart this summer and I've been rebuilding since school started. My plan has been to focus on mileage and hope that my speed eventually picks up. Over the summer I was bonking during six mile runs and now I'm doing 14 mile training runs fairly easily so I'd say things are working out okay.

I went...

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