Quick takes- January 2017

Something Borrowed. 1 star. I usually like this author, but "It's ok to have an affair with your best friend's fiancee as long as she's kind of a bitch," is not a great concept to build your story on.

The Couple Next Door. Very generous 3 stars. So over the top, goofy thriller, where every possible twist happens. This needed a few red herrings.

Behold the Dreamers. 4 stars. Can't believe this was a debut. Totally worth the hype.

Truth and Beauty. 3 stars. I don't usually like...

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The week in review

Kids being back in school + my feet being worse than ever = lots of time to read. Silver linings.

Behold the Dreamers completely lived up to the hype. This is a very layered, nuanced story. Painful at times. Every character is fleshed out and memorable. This is one of those, "I can't believe it's a debut" kind of novels. Can't wait to see what's next.

So, um, after that I read a thriller, because I just can't seem to resist them even though I never like them. I don't know what my deal...

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You don’t get it when there’s nothing to get

I was 21 when I first read Nude Men, and it became an instant favorite. I was curious and mildly apprehensive about revisiting it. For one thing, I've never liked a single thing Amanda Filipacchi has written since then, and I've read it all, based solely on the strength of Nude Men. And for another, I was 21 a really really long time ago.*

So, does it hold up? Eh, kind of. There is a recurring theme about optical illusions, which is fitting, because this book straddles a whole...

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