Quick takes- January 2017

Something Borrowed. 1 star. I usually like this author, but "It's ok to have an affair with your best friend's fiancee as long as she's kind of a bitch," is not a great concept to build your story on.

The Couple Next Door. Very generous 3 stars. So over the top, goofy thriller, where every possible twist happens. This needed a few red herrings.

Behold the Dreamers. 4 stars. Can't believe this was a debut. Totally worth the hype.

Truth and Beauty. 3 stars. I don't usually like...

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The week in review

Been a challenging seven days. My kids have been sick most of this week and I'm going a little stir crazy. Also, something else happened today, right? Oh how I wish it was as unreal as it feels. Anyway, being stuck at home so much at least led to some decent reading time.

I finished The Making of Us first. I love this author but this one was kind of a miss overall for me. I like multiple viewpoints but here the quality varied too much; I loved Lydia and Dean's chapters but dreaded reading...

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