Quick takes- October 2018

Suicide Club. 2 stars. Fine premise, bad execution. The prologue was so good, but it went straight downhill from there. So, just read the prologue I guess.

Lake Success. 5 stars. Rich people in distress, and complicated, hard to love characters, both very relevant to my interests. I'm sure I liked Barry much more than most readers will, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't still read it. Just don't expect to like Barry.

Putney. 5 stars. I could not put this one down. So...

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The week in review

Last night we went to this 80s themed Homecoming dance thing. It was fun. I may have forgotten about the theme, or I may have not cared about the theme, who can really say? The point is, while I am aware that Harley Quinn first appeared in 1992,  sometimes your strong personal brand comes first.


I really wanted to love The Caregiver, but in the end, I only liked it as a friend. This had dual storylines, one in the main character's childhood and one in adulthood, and that's...

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