Quick takes- October 2018

Suicide Club. 2 stars. Fine premise, bad execution. The prologue was so good, but it went straight downhill from there. So, just read the prologue I guess.

Lake Success. 5 stars. Rich people in distress, and complicated, hard to love characters, both very relevant to my interests. I'm sure I liked Barry much more than most readers will, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't still read it. Just don't expect to like Barry.

Putney. 5 stars. I could not put this one down. So...

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The week in review- Saturday morning edition

Well this week has been a dumpster fire in a lot of ways, but on the upside, Lucy is reading my favorite book of all time. So that's something.

One book I will not be passing on to Lucy is Confessions of the Fox. Dude, I tried so hard with this book. I always want to support books with trans characters, but that is literally the only interesting thing about this book. I like historical crime fiction, but I think the story this is based on wasn't all that exciting, then it's...

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