Quick takes- October 2018

Suicide Club. 2 stars. Fine premise, bad execution. The prologue was so good, but it went straight downhill from there. So, just read the prologue I guess.

Lake Success. 5 stars. Rich people in distress, and complicated, hard to love characters, both very relevant to my interests. I'm sure I liked Barry much more than most readers will, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't still read it. Just don't expect to like Barry.

Putney. 5 stars. I could not put this one down. So...

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The week in review- Halloween edition

This was a crazy fun jam packed weekend and I'm leaving town tomorrow so I've been extra busy. Not too busy to read, of course, and not too busy to dress up as Enid Coleslaw on a date with Mr Pink.

It seems very very fitting to say that a lot of Motherhood was a tough hang, but it was sort of maybe probably worth it in the end. Well played with that title then. I don't know why this is so long; very very little happens in this book. Like basically nothing. It could have been a long...

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The week in review

Last night we went to this 80s themed Homecoming dance thing. It was fun. I may have forgotten about the theme, or I may have not cared about the theme, who can really say? The point is, while I am aware that Harley Quinn first appeared in 1992,  sometimes your strong personal brand comes first.


I really wanted to love The Caregiver, but in the end, I only liked it as a friend. This had dual storylines, one in the main character's childhood and one in adulthood, and that's...

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