Quick takes- September 2018

The Bed Moved. 2 stars. You can barely call this a collection. There is some decent stuff buried here but most of it feels like writing exercises than actual work.

The Golden State. 3 stars. So many mixed feelings about this. The deliberate run-on stream of consciousness style ultimately didn't do it for me, but I seem to be in the minority.

Confessions of the Fox. 3 stars. A very rare DNF for me. I wanted to like this one so much, and I kept with it for 250 pages, but this was just so...

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The week in review

Nothing happened this week.

The Golden State is one of the most frustrating books I've ever read. It doesn't help that my expectations for this one were sky high. This one has some serious hype going for it. I loved the story and the characters, but the writing style was so irritating. This sort of constant, stream of consciousness run on sentences that went on forever. I was always hyper aware of it, and it felt so calculated, like she was somehow both showing off and slumming at the...

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