Quick takes- September 2018

The Bed Moved. 2 stars. You can barely call this a collection. There is some decent stuff buried here but most of it feels like writing exercises than actual work.

The Golden State. 3 stars. So many mixed feelings about this. The deliberate run-on stream of consciousness style ultimately didn't do it for me, but I seem to be in the minority.

Confessions of the Fox. 3 stars. A very rare DNF for me. I wanted to like this one so much, and I kept with it for 250 pages, but this was just so...

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The week in review

After (mostly) taking a break from running over the summer, I've started to get back into it. Super slow but I'm building up mileage again and getting ready for Ragnar Napa. I took a bad fall the other day and my hand still looks awful and hurts like hell. I will spare you the photo of my gross hand so please enjoy Bubba in a laundry basket instead.

Ok, I hate saying things like this, but I feel the author of The Bed Moved must have some friends in the industry or something. There is...

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