Reading on borrowed time

Just the other day, I mentioned that I had no books out from the library. Even though I have a zillion unread books at home, it still was very unsettling, and may never happen again. Luckily, I made it down to my favorite place on earth yesterday, and there were ten holds right there waiting for me. Which ones will exceed expectations? Which will disappoint? Which one will sadly be returned unread?

Hunger- Um, yeah, there is no way that Roxane Gay's memoir about her...

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Quick takes- June 2017

Single, Carefree, Mellow. 4 stars. You know just what you're getting into with the title and cover. I loved the writing and I have a feeling that I'm going to like her novel even better than these stories.

The People We Hate at the Wedding. 2 stars. You would think this would be a fun, bitchy kind of romp, but you would be wrong. Really uninteresting characters and I didn't care how any of it turned out.

The Chalk Artist. 3 stars. This one is kind of all over the place. Some of the...

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The week in review

This has been a whirlwind week. New Jersey to Connecticut to NYC to the Jersey shore and now two more days in my hometown before we go home. Making the most of the tri-state area.

I finished This is the Story of a Happy Marriage. Essays aren't always my thing, but I love Ann Patchett so much, I'll read just about anything she writes. (I want to say she could write the phone book, but that doesn't make sense on several levels.) Like all collections, some were better than others, but it's...

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