Quick takes- May 2018

Red Clocks. 4 stars. High four stars. I love feminist dystopian fiction, especially when it's not by Margaret Atwood. sorrynotsorry

You Think It, I'll Say It. 5 stars. Perfect, perfect short story collection. Man, there are some *awkward* incidents in this book. I honestly can't imagine Curtis Sittenfeld writing something I don't want to read.

The Gunners. 2 stars. Fine premise, but what a mess this book is. Bad writing and bad characters. I am still laughing about the scene where a...

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The week in review

Calling him Roger hasn't really stuck, but "Bubsy Malone" is starting to catch on and I love it.

The Girl Who Never Read Noam Chomsky was very enjoyable for me. I could relate to a lot in it, and I loved that it was just kind of an ordinary story about an ordinary person. I could see why someone would hate it, so I don't know, read it, but don't complain about it to me if you don't like it.

One of my favorite genres is now, "stuff that's similar to or inspired by Handmaid's Tale,...

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