Don’t be that guy


I don't want to talk about the racism, the xenophobia, the pandering, the not pandering enough, the DNC, the third party voters, the media, Bernie, the being a woman baggage, the Clinton baggage, who's to blame, who's not to blame, Benghazi, and omfg I really don't want to talk about the emails. Everyone else has got that covered and then some. But what made it so hard to get out of bed today, what made me tear up when my daughter asked me who is our new president, what's killing me...

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It may not be great but read it anyway

Oh how I wish I could go back in time right now and make my 14 year old self write a book report on The Handmaid's Tale. I remember that I got it as a birthday gift and that I loved it and that I stayed up very late finishing it, but other than the basic gist of the story, my memories end there. But what did it mean to me way back then? Did it all seem like a far fetched fantasy? Or could I possibly have already been worn out by man's relentless need to control women's bodies? If so, I...

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