Quick takes- summer favorites edition

Young Jane Young. Oh man, did I love this book. This is really sharp, feminist, and funny. In a nutshell, it's about a Lewinsky-esque scandal and how she and her family dealt with the aftermath. One of the few things I love about the time we're living in is that Monica Lewinsky is awesome now and we're realizing how we should have looked at that scandal way back then. The final section is in the form of a Choose Your Own Adventure book, and that really brought it up a notch for me. Seemed...

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Quick takes- June 2018

Young Jane Young. 5 stars. Holy smokes, did I love these characters. The choose your own adventure section at the end will stick with me forever. I might read this again sometime, this was an instant favorite.

Providence. 3 stars. This was compelling and unusual, but it didn't have the humor of her other books and I couldn't get past that. I'm sure you get more out of it if you've read any Lovecraft. I have not.

Before We Were Yours. 4 stars. The main...

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The week in review- Saturday Evening Post edition

Wednesday was the last day of school which means it's officially summer. So far the weather has not cooperated at all, but I still find myself so much more relaxed with them out of school. I never would have predicted that the school year would be the hard part of this stay at home mom business, but I also wouldn't have thought my kids would stay in bed until 10 when school's out. Three months of lazy mornings!

The Home For Unwanted Girls needed an edit and a polish. It's a perfectly good...

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