My top ten (and then some) for 2016


Perv-A Love Story

The Girls

This Must Be the Place


The Unseen World

My Name Is Lucy Barton


The Nest

The House We Grew Up In

Two that I reread after many many years and still loved just as much:

The Cheer Leader

The Westing Game

Great book that came out in 2016 but I read an ARC the year before:

I'll See You in Paris

Honorable mentions:

A Certain Age, All the Ugly...

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Quick takes- October 2016

This Must Be the Place. 5 stars. Great characters, great stories, perfect novel. Recommended to: everyone.

Girls on Fire. 2 stars. Badly done, overly dramatic, adolescent in a bad way.

Miller's Valley. 4 stars. Anna Quindlen is always pretty reliable. Not exceptionally memorable but solid.

Every Kind of Wanting. 4 stars. Good but I feel like it could have been better.

Today Will Be Different. 2 stars. Even with low expectations I was disappointed.

The Nix. 5 stars. Killer....

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