Quick takes- April 2018

The House of Impossible Beauties. 5 stars. Five million stars. Great story and great writing. I will always be haunted by the detail of the HIV+ character riding a crowded subway because it's the only human contact she can have. This was a heartbreaker.

She Regrets Nothing. 4 stars. This was racy and glitzy and decadent. I didn't totally love every direction the plot went in, but still a very solid and enjoyable page turner. Lots to love here.

The Female Persuasion. 3 stars. Once...

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Two weeks in review

I already said why I skipped last week, but here's a reminder because I love this cat.

I don't know if I can even express how good The House of Impossible Beauties was. I was not expecting to love this like I did. I guess I need to watch Paris Is Burning someday, because I didn't even realize that this was based on real people. Regardless, since this was about trans/gay culture in NYC in the 80's, there were definitely some things I should have seen coming ahead of time. This is a...

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