My top ten (and then some) for 2016


Perv-A Love Story

The Girls

This Must Be the Place


The Unseen World

My Name Is Lucy Barton


The Nest

The House We Grew Up In

Two that I reread after many many years and still loved just as much:

The Cheer Leader

The Westing Game

Great book that came out in 2016 but I read an ARC the year before:

I'll See You in Paris

Honorable mentions:

A Certain Age, All the Ugly...

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Things the 68 year old Dolores says in Perv that sound like something I would say right now

(From Perv-A Love Story)

How do you young people say it? They 'light your fire'?

I should be shocked but, accch... you kids today!

All you kids are comedians now. Well I got news for you, Mr. Jackie Mason.

If you'd let me finish, Walter Cronkite, you'd find out.

Believe me, there have been plenty of times I wanted to tell that b-rhymes-with-ditch what her brother the saint was really like.

Pardon my fran├žaise.

I say to him, "What in God's name are you doing?...

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The week in review

Been a very busy week, with the holiday and the kids home and family visiting, so while I did manage to do a fair amount of running, baking, and the other stuff, it was kind of light on the reading. I did finish two and start two, so here we go.

I finished People Who Knew Me over the weekend. This was kind of a disappointment for me. Even though I loved the premise, woman using 9/11 as a chance to fake her death and start over, it was also what ultimately wrecked it. Things in her...

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