Gimme shelter

One of the perks of having been a precocious reader was getting book recs from my mom at an early age. I can thank my mother for introducing me to Anne Tyler, John Irving, Toni Morrison, and a slew of other authors that I still love today. So I'm going to give her a pass for that fateful day when she told me I might like the book she was reading. "It's about a widow who moves in with her parents, but they don't know about her kids so she has to hide them away..." And, here come years of...

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Smell the vanilla, throw the salt


I don't always get involved in our school functions, but when I do, it's the bake sale. I really had to rein it in when Lucy told me her class was planning a bake sale; she first asked if we could make brownies and chocolate chip cookies and pumpkin muffins and s'mores bars and jar pies and peanut butter cookies and zebra cake. And I totally would have, but since it's the school bake sale and not the Amy showcase, we settled on s'mores bars. (Okay we also made brownies but I make...

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