Quick takes- May 2017

No One Can Pronounce My Name. 4 stars. Maybe a little long and forgettable, but great characters and solid writing. Poignantly captures how it feels to be an outsider, in many different ways.

Saints for All Occasions. 5 stars. Big east coast Irish family saga, dealing with loss and long-buried secrets? Yes please.

I Found You. 3 stars. Solid but not Lisa Jewell's best. Awesome main character, melodramatic plot.

The Leavers. 4 stars. I liked this a lot. Asks questions about what...

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The week in review

It's been a very long day/week/month so I'm going to get right to it. But, SUN SUN SUN FINALLY SUN!

I Found You started out very strong, but the plot got too convoluted and soap opera-ish for my taste. I liked the characters but I didn't really care how it would all turn out. I still love this author, but if you're interested in checking her out, try The House We Grew Up In instead. One of my favorites over the last few years.

Next, I just devoured Saints for All...

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Like those signs that say “Thimk”

Someday I'm going to make more of an effort to organize my holds, but once again, a bunch of my most anticipated holds came up at once, so here's another round of "which one will be returned unread?" ( Jessica)

Last Things- I realized recently that even though I say I don't like memoirs, I almost always love them in graphic format. This is a genre that I love and that tends to be quick, and Lucy loves this author, so I told her I'd read it first to see if...

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