Quick takes- February 2017

The Most Dangerous Place on Earth. 3 stars. Very average, filled with stereotypes. Some nice writing and one very insightful chapter, this author could have potential.

Fractured. 2 stars. A total mess of a novel. Just read Big Little Lies instead.

Mothering Sunday. 4 stars. Slight, sweet little gem. Excellent female protagonist.

The Heavenly Table. 5 stars. I was not expecting to be into this at all and I ended up loving it. Grisly and hilarious and has heart. This really surprised...

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The Week In Review

Halfway through the week, I started questioning whether I even like to read, since I'm hating everything lately. Things picked up big time.

I finished The Lifeboat, which did turn out to be kind of a dud. I'm still unsure whether it's just boring by nature, or a decent idea badly executed. Regardless, this is pretty short yet still feels stretched and boring. I don't know anyone who liked it and I would not recommend it.

Moved on to Mischling. I really almost never DNF a book, but I...

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