Quick takes- June 2018

Young Jane Young. 5 stars. Holy smokes, did I love these characters. The choose your own adventure section at the end will stick with me forever. I might read this again sometime, this was an instant favorite.

Providence. 3 stars. This was compelling and unusual, but it didn't have the humor of her other books and I couldn't get past that. I'm sure you get more out of it if you've read any Lovecraft. I have not.

Before We Were Yours. 4 stars. The main...

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The week in review- supersize edition

I've been a slacker about posting, but not about reading, so I have about 52 million books to recap here. Right now I'm on a desktop computer and drinking hot chocolate, because why stop at one retronym when you can have two? We just came from a family reunion at Hershey park, and we had the best time creating our own chocolate bars.

Other People's Houses was a real bomb for me. This was your basic domestic drama featuring infidelity, so it should have been the kind of thing I love....

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