If we can’t get rid of guns, let’s at least do this five dollar thing.

"If guns were banned, then how would men kill their wives? How would men kill themselves? How would men exact revenge on the world for not giving them everything they'd ever wanted?"

So, reading How To Be Safe is going to feel extremely timely. This novel about the aftermath of a school shooting in a small town highlights the absurdity of gun culture in this country, shows what a nightmare our society is for women, and somehow manages to be really fucking funny....

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Quick takes- April 2018

The House of Impossible Beauties. 5 stars. Five million stars. Great story and great writing. I will always be haunted by the detail of the HIV+ character riding a crowded subway because it's the only human contact she can have. This was a heartbreaker.

She Regrets Nothing. 4 stars. This was racy and glitzy and decadent. I didn't totally love every direction the plot went in, but still a very solid and enjoyable page turner. Lots to love here.

The Female Persuasion. 3 stars. Once...

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Eight days a week in review redux

This week was way too eventful to sum up on Friday. Did you know that AAA will tow your car up to 100 miles? And, um, totally unrelated fact, Great Wolf Lodge is 80 miles from me.

Well, anyway, We Are Never Meeting in Real Life was good. I love her writing style. She's very funny and charming; you definitely feel like it would be a blast to hang out with her. The collection as a whole kind of wavered for me a little. It got too self deprecating at times, and there were a lot of essays...

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