The week in review

So hi, I kind of forgot about this. I'm going to try to get back on track to posting every Friday. I forget to post but I never forget to read. I also didn't forget to go to San Francisco for the Napa Ragnar. Gotta say, that race was pretty disorganized and the course was ridiculous, but I've never had so much fun at a running event before.

I'm really intrigued by Patrick DeWitt. I loved his first book, and I also loved French Exit, and they are so different. I can't wait to see what...

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The week in review- Halloween edition

This was a crazy fun jam packed weekend and I'm leaving town tomorrow so I've been extra busy. Not too busy to read, of course, and not too busy to dress up as Enid Coleslaw on a date with Mr Pink.

It seems very very fitting to say that a lot of Motherhood was a tough hang, but it was sort of maybe probably worth it in the end. Well played with that title then. I don't know why this is so long; very very little happens in this book. Like basically nothing. It could have been a long...

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