The week in review

This is my last full week of the kids being in school, so I was kind of on a tear! I love summer more than anything but there is less me-time, and me-time is reading time.

I finished Last Things and had a good solid cry. This was obviously really sad, but I'm glad I read it. It gave my empathy a little kick-start, and it reminded me that I love comics and have a bunch of them in my basement and that Lucy is ready for more graphic novels.

I also finished The Light We Lost over the...

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Quick takes- May 2017

No One Can Pronounce My Name. 4 stars. Maybe a little long and forgettable, but great characters and solid writing. Poignantly captures how it feels to be an outsider, in many different ways.

Saints for All Occasions. 5 stars. Big east coast Irish family saga, dealing with loss and long-buried secrets? Yes please.

I Found You. 3 stars. Solid but not Lisa Jewell's best. Awesome main character, melodramatic plot.

The Leavers. 4 stars. I liked this a lot. Asks questions about what...

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I’m not a kid, I happen to be 18

Were Judy Blume books essential reading for you when you were young? She certainly was for me and all my friends, but all these years later, I'm still never sure quite how universal the Judy Blume love is, because luckily, she was a local author for us. We devoured the Fudge books, Blubber, Freckle Juice etc. when we were little, then when we got older it was all about Tiger Eyes, Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret, Deenie...she was the tween queen before tweens were even a thing. But of...

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