Quick takes- September 2017

The Burning Girl. 3 stars. Kind of forgettable, reads too YA for my taste. Good writing, but not much to the story.

Genuine Fraud. 4 stars. I love this writer, and this is a gender swapped Talented Mr Ripley. What else is there to say?

Before Everything. 3 stars. Good story, and semi interesting characters, but the writing is just too weak. Just read The Group instead.

A Kind of Freedom. 4 stars. This one does not pull punches. Awesome female characters, while the men cause no end...

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The week in review

The less said about this week, the better. Well at least I didn't drown.

The Golden House. I don't really know how to sum up my feelings on this. I liked that it was chock full of movie references. There was a decent story. The characters were nothing special; female characters especially left a lot to be desired. Mostly I could not bear the writing style. I know it's been a long time since I read Salman Rushdie, (and it will be a very long time until I read him again) and I don't...

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