My top ten (and then some) for 2016


Perv-A Love Story

The Girls

This Must Be the Place


The Unseen World

My Name Is Lucy Barton


The Nest

The House We Grew Up In

Two that I reread after many many years and still loved just as much:

The Cheer Leader

The Westing Game

Great book that came out in 2016 but I read an ARC the year before:

I'll See You in Paris

Honorable mentions:

A Certain Age, All the Ugly...

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The week in review

Such a busy week, with the race and Dash's birthday, plus I was actually liking things this week so I took my time. My library stack is very very high right now which is making me a little anxious. So let's get to it!

Leaving Lucy Pear was good, much better than anything else I'd been reading over the last couple weeks. I want to say it started out slow then picked up a lot as it went on; this is probably true, but I was also very distracted when I started it and I had a very hard time...

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A case of mistaken identity

Even though we still have a month left in this, um, delightful year, I'm pretty certain that Commonwealth will land on the very top of my best books list. I was blown away by how good this was, partly because I've never been especially into Ann Patchett. I loved State of Wonder and thought Run and Patron Saint of Liars were just okay. I'd never even bothered with The Magician's Assistant because I remember when it came out, a friend gave up on it halfway through because, "This whole thing is...

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