Quick takes- January 2018

Three nonfiction in one month? That may be more than I read all last year.

The Dinner Party. 4 stars. I'm still shuddering from that last story. Very solid collection. I don't think he's ever been as good as his first novel, but I love his writing.

The Immortalists. 5 stars. I have to let go of the one little thing that bugged me about this, because it was otherwise excellent. Really great sibling story; it was right up my alley and I loved it.

Rabbit Cake. 5 stars. Perfect,...

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The week in review.

This has been an enlightening week. I really learned a lot, like how committed baby boomers are to their weird resentment of the younger generation for not suffering enough hardships. "Back in my day we walked five miles uphill in the snow to be coerced into sex and you didn't hear us complaining!" I never thought I had any kind of trigger, but this week I learned that I do have a pretty specific one. And I learned that the same guys who've spent years telling women to smile more because...

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The week in review

Good news. We went to see I, Tonya last night, and surprise! Bobby Cannavale was in it, which makes this photo super relevant.


Ok where was I? Oh right, The Dark Dark. Man, I love the way this woman writes. This collection was really weird and twisted and gripping. There were some elements of magical realism here and there and they didn't quite work for me. I think I just like her writing so much that I felt like those elements were a distraction. I don't know, I think I...

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