Quick takes- February 2017

The Most Dangerous Place on Earth. 3 stars. Very average, filled with stereotypes. Some nice writing and one very insightful chapter, this author could have potential.

Fractured. 2 stars. A total mess of a novel. Just read Big Little Lies instead.

Mothering Sunday. 4 stars. Slight, sweet little gem. Excellent female protagonist.

The Heavenly Table. 5 stars. I was not expecting to be into this at all and I ended up loving it. Grisly and hilarious and has heart. This really surprised...

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The week in review

I can't run, and a bunch of my holds came up at once, so got lots of reading in this week.

The Most Dangerous Place on Earth. Boy, we will never get tired of whiny rich kid books, will we? This was pretty ordinary, and some of it was a bit heavy handed. I would give this author another chance though, there was decent writing here, and at least one very effective chapter.

The Futures. I have practically forgotten this already. It started out okay but fizzled out in a big way. There was...

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