The week in review: Supersize edition

Summer ended with some high drama and a jam packed few weeks. I was going to update last week but then there was Annihilation at the summer rewind festival, so, chocolate popcorn won out.

A Place for Us is a very very solid novel and was just what I needed to get out of my slump. I love a modern multicultural family saga, love shifting viewpoints, parent child strife...this hits a lot of buttons for me. My only quibble is it could have been a little tighter. With an edit it would have...

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Quick takes- August 2018

Visible Empire. 3 stars. Great story, but it's based on a true event, so real life is doing most of the work here. The characters all felt flat and undeveloped. A real missed opportunity.

All We Ever Wanted. 4 stars. High four stars. I was totally into this story, I loved the issues of parenting in the age of social media, and what happens when you discover your kids don't share your values anymore. The book goes too easy on its main character but this was terrific and would be a great...

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