The week in review

This week flew by, I'm still not convinced it's actually Friday. We saw The Florida Project over the weekend and I absolutely loved it, but unfortunately I can't seem to find a photo of Willem Dafoe anywhere on the entire internet so I'll have to go with the closest thing I have.

I don't know what to say about Smile. Roddy Doyle is a favorite of mine, and this isn't the first time I felt like one of his books straight up punched me in the face at the end. But that sounds bad! So this...

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Quick takes- January 2018

Three nonfiction in one month? That may be more than I read all last year.

The Dinner Party. 4 stars. I'm still shuddering from that last story. Very solid collection. I don't think he's ever been as good as his first novel, but I love his writing.

The Immortalists. 5 stars. I have to let go of the one little thing that bugged me about this, because it was otherwise excellent. Really great sibling story; it was right up my alley and I loved it.

Rabbit Cake. 5 stars. Perfect,...

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